Business Consulting’s Best Kept Secret is No Longer Secret!

The Marketing Gurus helps clients improve their businesses through innovative strategy and the continuous pursuit of operations excellence. We apply rigorous analysis, world-class technology and top-tier expertise to invigorate your business.

We design and deliver solutions that service business and sales operations. Our unique perspective allows us to see the critical intersections between talent, assets and ideas — the dynamic formula that drives business performance.

Event Driven Advisory

Real life does not always adhere to an annual strategic planning cycle and the rationale for a company’s strategic direction can change overnight.

When market dynamics shift or unforeseen opportunities emerge, we work with CEO's and management teams to understand alternative paths and drive towards the targeted outcome.

We work on a range of areas for our clients, including: in-organic growth strategies, target identification and evaluation, transaction support and post-merger integration.

Strategy Advisory

Create clarity on the best strategic direction and shift resources towards the generation of superior value growth

The Marketing Gurus works with Executive teams to raise the level of strategic ambition, putting in place the standards, accountabilities, and performance management systems for making it happen on a consistent basis.

We work on a range of strategic issues including optimizing resource allocation across the portfolio, organic and inorganic growth strategies, strategic turnarounds or disposals, as well as individual product / brand / customer / market strategies


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We are an innovation catalyst that works with you to find and accelerate value from big ideas.

Co-creating with change leaders we do things differently and get results. From boardroom to binary, we help you stay competitive, exceed expectations, and drive growth.

Together, we unlock potential.

The Marketing Gurus is integrated marketing and technology management services company with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada .The Marketing Gurus. Call us at +1 844 WOW GURU or email us at [email protected]