Business Consulting’s Best Kept Secret is No Longer Secret!

In a new article published in the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Antitrust Source, Brattle Principal Andrew Abere discusses the statistical significance of sophisticated economic analyses in expert testimony, which have become increasingly important in antitrust cases.

Dr. Abere’s article, “What Is So Significant About Statistical Significance?” explains how the growing importance of expert economic testimony is not surprising given that many of the most crucial issues in antitrust cases hinge on empirical economic evidence, with sophisticated analyses such as econometric and statistical studies now playing a larger, more central role. As a result, it is common in such cases for experts to be questioned about whether the results of such studies are “statistically significant” and thus reliable enough to form a basis for an award or judgement.

Dr. Abere also explores the history and meaning of statistical significance and examines the growing debate over its relevance in scientific research and legal cases. The full article can be accessed on the ABA’s Antitrust Source website.

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